Sqip Messenger is a desktop application that opens a whole new world on how you work and play online.

Downloads in minutes...instant setup with almost zero configuration. Easy, Instant...and lots of Fun.

Here are a few of the features Sqip Messenger offers:

Chat using text, voice and video
Show and share your browser during a chat session
Multi user conferencing
Record conferences, presentations and Webinars for later ‘on demand’ playback
Transfer files even when the other user is offline
Work together on just about anything in real time while in an online meeting.
Multi function scheduler built in
Allow remote control of your mouse pointer and keyboard
Surf the web together
Share Multi Media using Messenger Livewire.
Make cheap international calls
Call International mobile phones at local rates with our new MobiGate feature
Secure virtual spaces. Present your site within the space for any purpose.
Do live events and Webinars using video broadcasting. Secure password protected entry and fee based entry    linked to ewallet included
Send/receive money instantly when Messenger is linked to your ewallet
Customize Messenger to meet your needs....disable/enable any of the applications to suit your     preferences. Make Messenger as basic or as sophisticated as you need. You have total control.
Multiple applications that you can instantly tab between…and all within one simple to use interface.
Text, voice and streaming video communications have now entered a new era with our Random Key Generation encryption.
RKG technology is ‘State of the Art’ encryption for secure, protected peer to peer communication

Messenger is currently getting a makeover with new interface designs.

SqipCom has recently merged with our telecoms provider.

The new web site with our combined services will launch soon.

Our services will include FREE and massively discounted calls using landlines, mobiles and web browser.

Our new Messenger will also be available as a desktop application similar to but better than Skype.

Our Webinar services will offer you free fully featured webinars for up to 20 attendees and our Pro version with up to 1000 attendees for less than half the cost of other similar services.

A simple chat session.

Then with one click, you can surf the Net together or do a presentation / Webinar to a group. You can even record the presentation and make it as a Video on Demand in your Messenger Room.You can give access to your room to anyone if even they don't have Messenger installed.

In the example above everyone can see the document in real time and when the 'edit' function is activated everyone can edit the text.

Don’t explain it…Show and share it.... and do stuff together in real time.

You can meet and work together during a video conference while creating or editing any kind of document or file. It does not matter where everyone is in the world, they can meet and share and do the stuff they need to do.

You can also surf the web and go to websites site together

Example: What if a group of friends decide they want to play at an online poker site?

It just takes one person to login and then broadcast the screen to the group… give remote control of the mouse and keyboard to allow the group to play the game remotely together.

Or how about doing a live presentation? Messenger has the tools to do that also. You can even record the whole session for your ‘Video on Demand’ list that you can make available later.

Or what if you simply need help with something on your computer? Easy…just ping a friend on Messenger, give remote access to your screen and mouse pointer and let your friend help you out.

The mind does boggle a bit at the possibilities...it's kinda endless.

More than a simple scheduler. The personal assistant will set up the calls for you

Upolad or import photos. Edit, make an album and live wire to your contacts.

Messenger can sit on your destop or be made invisible as you listen to your fav music

Download and live wire videos to your contacts list

Time to relax with a game of chess with your contacts. Multi player feature can be activated

Watch videos directly in the Messenger media browser. Download to playlists or livewire to friends.

Messenger lets you manage your audio files and share them.

These are just some of the features and possibilites we have built into Messenger.
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